Friday, February 20, 2015

All Family Members Affected Within a Month: Chest Pain, Migraines, etc

My family (myself, husband, and children) has experienced several symptoms that we associate with the smart meter devices on our home.  Myself or a family member has experienced and continue to experience within a month of living in the home symptoms that include frequent migraine headaches and daily general dull headaches that sometimes last up to 48 hours, inability to focus, nosebleeds, insomnia, fatigue, tinnitus, nausea, and chest pain accompanied by irregular heartbeats/heart palpitations.  Prior to recently experiencing these symptoms, we had no pre-existing medical conditions and consider ourselves to be in excellent general health.
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Although there is not yet scientific proof that this technology is causing these health issues, there has never been any adequate or extensive biomedical safety testing of it that proves otherwise.  Therefore, we remain highly suspicious that this is the source of them for three main reasons; first, the timing of the onset correlated with moving to the home with the three smart-meter devices.  Secondly, we are very health-conscious individuals who pay close attention to our diet and factors that may negatively impact us, including other EMF/RF emitting devices. By this fact, we are able to eliminate other potential causes. Thirdly, the fact that the entire family to some degree has been negatively impacted upon moving to our new home adds to the degree of confidence that our symptoms are due to an apparent environmental issue common to all of us rather than an individual one. The only environmental variable that has changed in all of our lives is the addition of exposure to smart meter devices.

The meters were installed on ____, 2011, before we purchased the home.  It is particularly concerning that there is an additional DTE smart meter device on our home specifically for the water heater. In a phone call with a DTE representative on _____, it was stated that one of these meters is for our water heater and the other for the remaining electrical usage.  Since the meters were installed prior to our moving in, we feel that we were not given ample chance to keep the formerly existing analog meter. Prior to moving into this home, we did not experience these symptoms.  We had three RF/EMF metering devices installed at our home, two of which were outside and the other, a wireless transmitter installed in the basement for water. Our local municipality has recently removed the wireless water meter system and replaced with a non-RF-emitting, strictly mechanical, device.

In addition to our health concerns, we also feel that the smart meter devices are in direct violation of our privacy rights within our own home and on our property, since the device is indeed a surveillance device, and that the technology overall is less robust in terms of security than the analog electro-mechanical version.

Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan
DTE Customer 

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