Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Family: High Blood Sugar, Brain Fog, Nosebleeds, etc.

Like many people, this woman experienced problems she had never had before, as well as worsening of pre-existing conditions. It is likely the gas smart meter installed in her first home was the straw that broke the camel's back less than three months after the electric smart meter was installed. Like in most families, mother and children are affected, as well as boyfriend who lives in home and is genetically unrelated to rest of family.
In August 2014, I started getting severe headaches on a daily basis, and my 3-year-old also started complaining that her head hurt every single day.  She is not much of a complainer, and the only time she has ever mentioned that her head hurt in the past was when she was very sick.  I was very concerned when she started complaining multiple times per day that her head hurt.  I was also concerned about my daily headaches, because usually the only time I get headaches is when I’m having sinus issues.  I was taking 2-6 Motrin per day just to manage the headaches.  My kids (3yr old and 2yr old twins) also started acting up more around this time.  I was surprised because they were usually pretty well behaved considering their age. [Click the Read More below to read the rest of this story.]

I just figured it was a stage they were going through. [Update, February 2015:  I called DTE to find out when the meters were installed. The electric smart meter was installed on our home in May 2014. We didn’t have symptoms right away that I recall.  I don’t know what effects the new gas meters have, but the new gas meter was installed in August.  That gas meter is inside our home in the basement.  So I don’t know if the health effects are from the new digital gas meter or just delayed from the smart meter, but symptoms did start right after the gas meter was installed.] 

In October we moved to a new home.  This house has two Smart Meters.  On moving day, a friend that was helping us move told me about the health issues people had been having due to smart meters.  I had not previously heard of this.  After our conversation I started thinking about all the health issues we had been having and that they all started after the smart meter was installed.  I decided to do some research and found that not only can the smart meter cause symptoms we were having, but agitation in children and pets as well.  My kids have been acting up more and more, which I thought was just from the move and different environment, but now I’m beginning to think it has something to do with the smart meter.  My kids are now getting in trouble at daycare (which also has a smart meter) on a daily basis, whereas they rarely got in trouble before.

I have also been very scatter-brained and have had a difficult time concentrating, which is not like me at all.  I thought maybe it was the stress of the move and all the things we had going on.  Now that things have slowed down and we are all moved in, the symptoms have not gone away.  Mine and my daughter’s headaches are not coming on a daily basis anymore, but we are still getting them weekly.  In our old house, the smart meter was located outside of a room where we spent most of our time.  In our new house, the smart meter is located in an area where we don’t spend as much, time which may be why the headaches aren’t as frequent.

I am diabetic, and since the installation of the smart meter, my sugar numbers have been higher than ever.  My A1C is higher than ever, and I have not changed my eating habits or my medication.  Also, since we moved into the new house, my ears have been ringing constantly.  On occasion I get weird chilling/tingling sensations in my head, and when I’m out on my deck where the meters are located I always get a weird sensation in my head.

My boyfriend, who lives with me, has had two nosebleeds since moving into the new house, and his 7-year-old daughter (who just stays with us Friday-Saturday) had 2 nosebleeds just on this past Saturday.  She has had nosebleeds before, but usually just when she’s been hit or bumped in the nose.  On three occasions I have also had blood come out when I blow my nose, which is not typical for me.


·        Headaches

·        Tingling in head

·        Brain Fog

·        Agitation
·        Nosebleeds
·        Ringing in ears
·        High Blood Sugar

Westland, Wayne County, Michigan
DTE Customer

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  1. I moved into a house with a smart meter 6 months ago. Prior to that, I opted out of a smart meter at my old house. I am having serious blood sugar issues for the first time and my A1c is elevated. The brain fog is the worst ever. My fiance and I both have been searching for words that we've known all our lives. He is wondering if he has early Alzheimer's.

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