Friday, February 13, 2015

Memory Problems, Itching, Blood Sugar, Heart, Anxiety, etc.

Wife and husband are experiencing severe problems from the DTE smart meter installed on their home.

CM (wife):
These are the problems I have experienced since a smart meter was installed on my home:
  • ·        Ringing in the ears: strong & loud ringing + pressure in head, day and night
  • ·        Heart palpitations: fast & abnormal, day and night - sometimes even wakes me up
  • ·        Heart rate: for no reason my heart rate speeds up at any given time, day or night. It comes up strong in my stomach area and I need to stop what I am doing to help regulate it, otherwise the build-up pressure in my body is too uncomfortable.
  • ·        Anxiety: body feels accelerated & anxious with the energy that's buzzing through it.
  • ·        Fatigue
  • ·        Lack of focus/concentration
  • ·        Debilitated short & long term memory
  • ·        Nausea
  • ·        Headaches + head feels overly heavy
  • ·        Skin: Immense itch and irritation throughout body & mainly in the hips, back & abdomen areas.
  • ·        Vertigo, dizziness

FM (husband):
These are the problems I have experienced since a smart meter was installed on my home:
  • ·        Sleep: Do not sleep well at all! Wake up super-tired.
  • ·        Loss of short-term & long-term memory.
  • ·        Lack of focus/concentration.
  • ·        Lethargic
  • ·        Irritable
  • ·        Head pressure
  • ·        Blood-sugar levels: rise to a very high levels at times

C.M. & F.M.
Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan
DTE Customers

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