Friday, July 3, 2015

David Carpenter, MD, Testifes About Smart Meter Health Effects

Here is what David Carpenter, MD, has to say about smart meter radiation in testimony to the Michigan Public Service Commission:

“Probable diminished life expectancy for the majority [of the population],
probable genetic damage.”

“Universal deployment of such meters throughout our urban areas amounts to an experiment on the people living in those areas, an experiment without the consent of the experimental subject.”  
Question: Is there something about this kind of radiofrequency that is very different than the kind of radio frequency the public has been exposed to for decades from AM and FM radio stations?

Dr. Carpenter: Yes. The radiofrequency used in smart meters is pulse-modulated. There is a body of scientific literature suggesting that pulse-modulated RF is more disruptive to the human body, and to other living things, than is a steady or slowly varying RF field.

Keep in mind: your cell phone emits pulsed radiation, as does your Wi-Fi. None of these fields are safe! Smart meters are this stuff on steroids, but we are already seeing brain cancer rates rise from cell and cordless phone use.

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