Monday, January 19, 2015

Mother and Son--Insomnia, Heart Palpitations, Brain Fog, Migraines, Blood Sugar Elevated

Health symptoms:
Heart palpitations
Brain fog
Intense migraine
Elevated blood sugar
My son and I have experienced the following unexplained symptoms since a Smart Meter was installed on our home: insomnia, heart palpitations, brain fog, intense migraine, elevated blood sugar.  
Our health and sleep were stable when we moved into our current residence.  We were never told that a Smart Meter was being installed on our home.  Shortly after it was installed, my son and I began to experience the above mentioned adverse group of health symptoms.   We had been working with a health practitioner to find a reason for these new symptoms when I came across an article about smart meter radiation.  I learned that others were experiencing similar symptoms as we were after the installation of a Smart Meter on their home.

That is when I checked and found that we did have a Smart Meter on our home, and that DTE had installed it after we moved in at the same time that my son and I developed the above symptoms.  My son slept through the night before the Smart Meter installation.  He and I have had insomnia ever since.  I have migraine headaches that went from mild to severe with the Smart Meter.  I now notice that I can have an intense migraine that is alleviated when I leave the house and returns instantaneously when I come back home.  I have, also experienced heart palpitations and brain fog. 

 After the smart meter installation and a routine blood check, my doctor told me that my blood sugar had spiked.  He said I would have to reduce the carbs in my diet.  My diet, however, was very healthy and very low in carbs already.  When I tried to understand why this was happening I learned of others who had a documented rise in blood sugar and other health problems with the Smart Meter.  After checking my bloodwork this fall, my doctor informed me that my blood sugar is still a concern.

Since the installation of the Smart Meter we have power outages that last a few minutes several times a week, seemingly like power surges.  DTE cannot explain why this is happening so we stopped reporting it.  This past summer we had a hard drive on a newer Dell computer fail and the power supply went out on a 4 year old Sony flat screen TV.  We cannot rule out power surges as a cause.

I am eager to have our Smart Meter removed, first and foremost, to protect our son against a risk factor for leukemia, and so that he can sleep through the night again, and so that we can both restore our health.

DTE Customer
Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan
Learn more at the Smart Meter Education Network website.

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