Thursday, January 22, 2015

Didn't know meter installed until 1 1/2 years after onset of terrible health problems

This family's meter was installed in the summer of 2013 (exact dates removed to protect privacy). They didn't know it. One-and-one-half years later, the mother discovered that the smart meter had been placed on their home on the exact day she began to experience symptoms.

On ____, 2013 I went to the doctor when I experienced my second day of extreme diarrhea.  Testing stool and blood revealed no cause.

Shortly thereafter I began to experience irritability and anxiety.  My blood pressure, which had been previously under control, began to rise. 

Since [date smart meters installed], 2013 Ive had 3 episodes of ankle swelling and pain.  Visits to primary doctor, endocrinologist, and rheumatologist – testing for RA, Gout, etc. all has been negative.  Doctors have no explanation.    

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Ive been to therapy (individual and group CBT for anxiety) and started medication for anxiety – treatment hasnt helped.  The anxiety came on in  [date smart meters installed], 2013 – Ive never felt anything like this before.  I cannot control the feeling that something is causing health problems that keep stacking up and not getting resolved through conventional medicine.

I have had repeated sinus infections, and since November 2014 Ive had constant tinnitus and facial pressure.  Ive been to ENT, had CAT scan and MRI – they can find no cause for facial pressure or ringing and have referred me to a neurologist.

I have insomnia – waking at night after 4 hours sleep and often not being able to get back to sleep.

Ive been to the ER twice for heart palpitations – once in Jan 2014 and once Jan 2015.  All blood tests normal – theyve noted that I have frequent PVCs and primary doctor wants to investigate with wearing a holter monitor.

I called DTE on __, 2015, after discovering potential smart meter issues and found out that the meters (we have interruptible AC service) were installed the day my health problems began.
Prior to  [date smart meters installed], 2013, I had blood pressure that was well controlled and I visited the doctor rarely.  This last year and a half has been a nightmare and I want my health back!  Doctor after doctor has been unable to explain any of my symptoms.  I am a stay at home mom so am home most of most days.


  • Increased, no longer controlled, blood pressure
  • Constant Tinnitus – ringing and feeling like head is buzzing
  • Facial pressure – like pulling from ear to nose along cheek – sometimes like something is crawling under my skin
  • Irregular and rapid heart beats, PVCs
  • Constant Anxiety
Mother and DTE Customer
Livonia, Oakland County, Michigan
Written January 2015   
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