Monday, January 19, 2015

Every Problem Under the Sun

"Heart palpitations, racing heart and skipping beats, this sent me to a cardiologist who said I had mitral value prolapse. Pain in my jaws, symptoms of TMJ, hard to chew and my jaw sometimes locks up . . . " 

About three years ago, I started having a lot of different health problems. Up until that point, I had been very healthy and active, and when I started having problems I blamed them on my job, my husband, and stress. I was not aware that a smart meter had been installed on my home three years ago. I found out just a few days ago, after a friend in the neighborhood called to tell me she had just gotten a letter from DTE. She said they were going to start installing Smart Meters. I had read about them and knew I didn't want one, so I called DTE to opt out, and that's when I found out they had installed one on my house three years ago--right outside my bedroom wall, about 15 feet from where I sleep!    

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I was in shock and angry I told them I wanted it removed. They told me they would give me an opt-out meter in 30 days. After I hung up, I immediately got online and started looking up info about the Smart Meters and my heart began to race even faster than usual. When I began to look at the list of health problems associated with Smart Meters I had almost every one!  I immediately started posting warnings on Facebook and calling friends. I wanted to warn the whole world!

About three years ago almost to the date the advanced meter was installed I started experiencing the follow health problems not all at once but they came on gradually. I still suffer with all the things listed below.

Heart palpitations, racing heart and skipping beats, this sent me to a cardiologist who said I had mitral value prolapse. Pain in my jaws, symptoms of TMJ, hard to chew and my jaw sometimes locks up.

I started having trouble sleeping which is very out of character for me and started being plagued with nightmares and even wake up crying at times.

I started having severe mood swings and issues with extreme outbursts of anger and crying.

Anxiety attacks and depression.

At night I sometimes experience high-pitched ringing in my ears and itching inside my ears, I also started noticing when talking on the phone that my ears would hurt at times from the sound and I would have to put it on speaker phone and stand a few feet away to alleviate the problem.

I started having pain in my eyes which sent me to my eye doctor thinking I may need glasses or had something else wrong he told me he found nothing wrong with my eyes and suggested eye drops for dry eye. Which has not helped.

I started experience almost daily headaches, which again is very unusual for me.

I also started having chest pain at night and many times was on the verge of having my husband take me to emergency as I thought I was having a heart attack, in fact one night I did drive myself to emergency but they found nothing wrong with my heart and said it may have been acid reflux or anxiety.

I started having more and more acid reflux and my natural products which had always worked in the past were not working any more.

I decided to see a natural hormone replacement doctor thinking that might be the problem, she told me my hormones where way out of whack and prescribed some creams that sent my hormones into an even worse state, she was shocked at the test results and changed the prescription but that still did not help my problems.

I also started experiencing extreme fatigue and started taking naps during the day, I have always been a very high energy person and this was very unusual as well.

Another problem which I am not sure if it's related but my skin and hair started to become extremely dry to the point that I  peel and shed and when I get out of bed I  have to brush the flakes of skin off my sheets and vacuum them up!  I tried all kinds of lotions and oils but still I suffer with this condition.

I also have problems on and off with dizziness, sometimes when my husband hugs me too tight I feel like I might faint. Very strange.

I also started experiencing strange sensations and pain on different parts of my body, sometimes like I was being stung by something or a sensation of water running down my legs, burning sensations on my arms and legs and trunk and buttocks.

I also started having a restless leg syndrome, twitching and jerking at night which sometimes makes it very difficult to fall asleep.

One last thing is my face feels flushed and almost burnt at times, like I am running a fever but there is no fever.

Last night I slept in the back room of the house and did have a better night's sleep, as it is the room furthest from the Smart Meter.

Jan Carl
Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan
DTE Customer
Winter 2013

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