Monday, March 9, 2015

Doctor Experiences Atrial Fibrillation, Insomnia, Headaches

I am writing regarding the severe problems and symptoms our family has had due to EMF radiation from the smart meter on our house. My husband and I have had headaches, and insomnia, and I have had palpitations and hospital admissions for Atrial Fibrillation and now have to take an anti-arrhythmic.  We have had fatigue and brain fog and trouble with concentration and focus.  We have episodes of nausea and cough with airway spasm.

The smart meter is on the wall right outside the head of our bed. We don’t have any other way to maneuver the furniture in our bedroom to minimize our exposure. Our dog that slept on the bed with us and would rest there during the day developed severe anemia and rectal bleeding and stomach distension and we were told by our vet that she probably had a malignancy in her bone marrow, and she ultimately died after severe heart failure and lung congestion.

I desperately need to have my smart meter removed for our severe health conditions.

Diane Culik, M.D., and Stephen Keys
Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan
DTE Customers 

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  1. Just bought a new home and we love it! The only thing is we have had headaches, insomnia, head fog and a constant cough since moving in. I didn't know why my wife and I have been feeling these symptoms and then I heard about smart meters and their health effects. I checked today to see if it was a smart meter and to my surprise we have a smart meter on our house and now I know why we have been feeling so sick.I desperately want to get this removed from my house to protect our health! Please someone help!!!

  2. Hi, Patriot. Here are a couple of thoughts. 1) Check out our website, and go to Analog Meter Choice Bill page and do everything it says there.

    2)Contact me about a filter for dirty electricity. There are a number of kinds of filters out there, but some do more harm than good. Email me at and then call me. I have this filter on my house, I am super-sensitive to EMFs, and I am doing fine (amazing!).


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